• Advaith Nair and Sreetej Kalapatapu

Cesion Software

One of our most technology centered clients to date has been Cesion Software. Based out of the tech capital of the world, San Jose, California, Cesion is a group of extremely talented high school students passionate about software creation, development, and manipulation. Their mission statement being “A company of high schoolers dedicated to providing software solutions for the thrifty.” All of the members of Cesion very extremely talented in their own respect, but they had trouble figuring out how exactly to allocate roles, as well as create a solid organization to mimic that of successful startups. That is where Neodyne came in. Neodyne was able to help and create a strong organization that highlighted the strengths of all the members of the team and really let the organization shine. Furthermore although Cesion did have basic business plan, we were able to partner with their leaders and enable them to create a more solid and structured plan. In doing so, Cesion has fostered great change in the Bay Area, and Neodyne is proud to be a catalyst of that change.

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