• Advaith Nair

ACE Tutoring

ACE Tutoring is a local startup tutoring business in Texas. They initially had 12 customers, mostly comprised of family friends that required quick tutoring. Their prices were extremely high, at around $80 for two hours. The pricing and promotion were the two biggest factors in need of change. In regards to the pricing, we compared it to other competitors. The main competitor in this case is C2 Education, a nationwide tutoring service. Their prices are around $20-30 per hour, which is a reasonable price. Considering ACE has yet to decide what innovative feature they will exhibit, we decided to suggest a price equal to or lower than C2 Education's prices, so they ended up pricing their service at $20 per hour. In regards to promotion, we suggested they go to their local elementary and middle schools and talk to the principal in regards to a potential assembly or poster promotion. Furthermore, the library is the second suggested course of action, as many parents and children go by there. This will help get customers. ACE has told us that our services has thoroughly helped out their business and sales.

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