• Advaith Nair


A picture of Six Flags from SA Pictures

SA Pictures is a startup revolved around taking pictures and selling them for profit. The CEO, Sohaib Akhtar, initially had issues with two marketing concepts: pricing and advertising. Neodyne decided to help SA Pictures with the pricing issues. The main target market was high school students, so the prices dropped from $80 (very high) to $60 for photoshoots. There is also a sale for the homecoming dance, which gives more incentive to buy the photos. Furthermore, the new pricing strategy is the customer gets to select a set amount of photos for the price, with a flat rate for additional photos. Neodyne also helped establish a new product: landscape photography. Mr. Akhtar has always been interested in taking landscape photos, and is now selling them for $30 with a frame and $10 for a digital download. Neodyne is currently helping SA Pictures implement more products, which could really boost sales for SA Pictures.

If you are interested in viewing more photography from SA Pictures, please visit http://dfwsapictures.weebly.com/.

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